Cool Weather Means Knit Accessories!

Hello once again!

Sadly, my days at the cottage are dwindling. The weather is starting to cool down, school is in session, and thus, I’m back at it with the shop, working on re-listing some autumn classics. Oddly enough, adding hand-knit headbands and hats is making me feel quite nostalgic. It’s almost like looking back at your kid’s baby pictures, and remembering the time when… Aww. There’s that turban style headband that gave me so much trouble the first time I made one! How far we’ve come!  Now, believe me when I say, I’m not trying to compare my pieces to a living person. There’s just a lot of love I associate with the effort it took to make each item.

As of this evening, SANTA HATS are back in the shop! Am I crazy to be selling these in September? Possibly. However, last year was the first Christmas season I went through with Knitting by Kali, and I was astonished by the number of these hats I sold! It felt like I could barely keep up with the demand! So this year, I’ve learned to be better prepared. As you may have read in previous posts, I’ve worked on really stocking the shop all summer long, while I had the time to do so. Along with a bigger inventory, I’ve started selling them earlier in the year, in hopes that those who like to stay on top of things, can take advantage of them being available for a longer period of time. That makes sense, right?

In addition to these festive accessories, I’ve also begun listing Mini Christmas Mitten Ornaments for the same reasons!

front folded  lifestyle

If you still think I’m crazy for focussing on Christmas so early, I completely understand. C’mon! I can hear you all thinking in your head, Halloween hasn’t even happened yet! And yes, suddenly I can hear your thoughts. =P My point is, I’m also working on adding some fall accessories. As of a few minutes ago,Turban-style headbands and Cable Knit Headbands are for sale in the shop, with the hope of adding a few more selections before the end of the night!

_MG_7609 lifestyle2

This may come off as a little egotistical, but don’t you just love that picture of the turban-style headband, where my eyes are peeping over the edge of the frame? My best friend took that photo. He’s pretty talented when it comes to photography. He’s even more impressive with a paintbrush! Ok, I’m done ranting. That picture just makes me smile everytime I see it!

If you’re new to the blog, thank you for visiting! Please come back anytime! And if you’re familiar with Knitting by Kali, thank you for the continuing support! Please feel free to leave comments, or follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Etsy! I absolutely love getting to know everyone! That’s it for today. Happy Hump Day, and I shall chat with you soon!



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