Winter is Coming!

I know, I know. It’s depressing, and you’re probably hating me right about now, but with school starting soon, it’s time to prepare ourselves (mentally and physically) for cooler days. It’s that time of year where Etsians and crafters alike begin to plan for Christmas – only because handmade gifts can take a while to complete! And after visiting some fellow Etsians at FanExpo Canada this weekend, I’m starting to feel antsy about getting the shop back into shape after a rather slow summer. (It’s not easy to sell hand knit and crocheted items during a heatwave!)

This morning I’ve been working on getting a One of a Kind section put together. This part of my little store is going to feature items made from discontinued yarns, and other things that can’t be reproduced. Often, these are projects designed to be prototypes, and although there’s nothing physically wrong with them, I find them scattered around my house without a proper home. As of today, this warm and fuzzy loom-knit hat is now for sale:


As well as this cozy turban-style headband:


To see what other unique items are currently featured at Knitting by Kali, visit the One of a Kind Section

I’ve also been thinking about Christmas, and the many festive items I’ve been working on stocking this summer while I had the time. Although it’s a little early, I decided to put my Christmas Light Garlands up for sale too!


These are one of my favourite Christmas pieces I make, and I think they just look cute as anything strung up in the house during the holidays!

I’m so glad (and maybe even a little relieved) to have started getting the shop back in shape, but I have a long ways to go! Be sure to keep an eye out for lots of new items coming very soon! I will be posting lots of updates to my facebook page as well as my instagram (@knittingbykali)!

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their long weekend! Take care, and as always, stay safe!